Meet Debbie

Integrated Health Therapist

I am living proof that health can be restored.  My story was a health challenge nightmare.  I had fibromyalgia symptoms, terrible nerve pain, a heart murmur, and pre-diabetic, which I managed through diet, but was a constant battle of feeling better and deteriorating.  I ate half as much as everyone else, constantly battled cold, dry and moist symptoms, and although I ate very healthy and took supplements, I was still battling aches, pains, and heart disease issues.   I knew there had to be an answer. 

Early in my life I saw my father succumb to heart disease.  I watched him ingest numerous pharmaceuticals daily, but this did nothing for his health.  I continued even deeper into my life-long quest to help bring awareness to new paradigms of medicine.  Ones that are naturally derived from plants, scientifically based, with a spiritual or root essence.  Drugs were not the answer for me, so holistic solutions took the forefront.  

Through years of research I found the solutions I was looking for.  My hopes are to share those with you and help you understand the human body's ability to achieve wellness.  A natural state we are all born with that our bodies strive to achieve. 

No one should feel like a hamster on a wheel, let me help!

Why Debbie is different from other integrated health therapists?

Debbie not only bases her coaching on the individuality of the client, she uses multiple integrated modalities. She is well versed in spa medicine, alternative health programs, cannabis education, multiple diet paradigms and Chinese tonic herbalism. Debbie also brings an emotional or spiritual aspect to her nature-centered practices.  As we restore the future of meaningful, sustainable healthcare we become a functional community for future evolution.


Proven scientific protocols 

A new system focused on individual needs

Analysis of progress toward optimal health outcomes 

Ongoing development and research of best practices and protocol for treating clients

Health Optimization