Meet Debbie

A journey of intese healing

My story started as a very psychic child.  I felt stifled at a very young age not able to express the psychic activity I experienced.   I was taught seeing and sensing spirit wasn't a normal occurrence.  Throughout my teens I learned of my spiritual gifts, but I was still to damaged to bring forth that side of me to the public.  Later in life, after years of keeping myself hidden I became a health challenge nightmare.   I had fibromyalgia symptoms, terrible nerve pain, a heart murmur, and was pre-diabetic, which I managed, but was a constant battle of feeling better and deteriorating.  I ate half as much as everyone else and I battled depression. I constantly battled nerve symptoms, and although I ate very healthy, studied health and took supplements, I still experienced aches, pains, and heart disease issues.   I knew there was a much better way to live.   Early on my spa background sent me on my natural healing journey into massage, aromatherapy, frequency healing, sound treatments, herbal medicine making, spa history and energy modalities.  My constant reminder of my natural psychic gifts gave me the necessary voice to move forward.  I treasured it and cultivated it, so it grew stronger and keener.  It was critical in my healing. I am nearly symtom free by practicing spiritual avenues to release the pain patterns ascotiated with not knowing my place in the universe.  

With my acute sense of energy I can help you alleviate suffering so you can also spread wholeness into the world we are trying to create.

My hopes are to share with you any wisdom I can pass on from my own healing journey, ancient wisdom, new advanced technology in the area of physics, science and metaphysical knowledge.  Wholeness is the natural state we are all born with and our bodies will always strive to achieve. When you begin to understand how we are programed, your able to undo belief structures that hold you back.  

No one should feel like a hamster on a wheel, let me help!

What to Expect with Debbie

Open to a new awareness

Find your truth, passion and voice

Turn the mundane into magikal

Increase wisdom and intuition

Build ultimate immunity to disease

Strengthen, regenerate and maintain livliness

Solve multiple problems