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take back lost power, master possibilities & Create Superconscious Magic!


You've just made a very important choice in your life... To become a creator!

Hello and Welcome! ... Im here to help you have some fun, learn about obstacles, nagivate the tough lessons of life and expierience new joy... Sign up and find out.... if only!

We are living in a very chaotic time and the information everywhere can steal your clarity, your health and your mind,,, you may suffer greatly.

I'm here to help you change that. Learn your vision, a purpose, a way to make life easier, happier, a passion, abundance, new sparks of creativity, enchantment and never-ending curiosity.

Here you become aware of your inherited expansive gifts that will open a powerful force in your life. You have abilities to shape your destiny, create awesome health, ensuring that deeper meaning will be fulfilled in your life. I'm sure you are now aware you were destined for much greater things then what you are experiencing now. 

You've now jumped into being the creator of possibilities, You no longer are a victim of facts. Victims have a shattered identity, their hearts, dreams and joys have been lost. They demand attention and since they've lost their purposeful path they develop numerous challenges both mentally and/or physically. The emotion and feeling of the victim has only one purpose and that is to look at and learn from, but not let it consume you. You can become free of that overwhelming feeling today.

The more you dedicate to this work the more you'll gain strength and that's when the real magic happens! Living a magical life is understanding certain ways of being. Its unfolding, its magnetic, its expansive and its imagining the world as you want it to be.

Life should be fun, powerful and joyful. Creating Magick is that soul spark you have inside that is hidden away and lost from your reality. Your soul is special.. its what makes us feel whole and what also makes us feel broken. The only time your soul speaks to you is through crisis or enchantment. We all know what crisis is and what it does to us, but enchantment is when you step into magic. A place most people have forgotten and lost. We call it the Wizards Gate, the sweet spot, two pine cones kissing... This zero point gravity spot is where you find perfect balance & harmony. Its all the aspects of creation itself... pure awareness. The body heals and mends the splits that occur during trauma, growing up and ignoring your purpose. When we loose our hearts through grief, our dreams through fear and who we are as individuals, through shame.

Here we will explore the blending of love and will, for without the other, your path stays hidden and internal struggle ensues. If left untended this struggle will lead you into disease.

There is now great opportunity to find this power inside of you. The spark that makes you live, the spark that makes you feel all encompassing joyful, excited, alive inside! This is where magic lives. Its a undeveloped part of you that needs attention. Your deepest desires, wants and wishes want to come alive. You are the only one stopping yourself.

I have a keen eye into what someone needs in order to shift out of misery and turn it into life-changing success! This is what creates magick!

Everyone needs a helper... a personal coach, a teacher, a mentor, insight verification, an assistant in your journey! I will help you strengthen your power, increase intuition, find your super gifts and advance your ability to create effectively with results! 

HOW I DO IT: By using your own superconsious visual cues and identified stuck emotional structures, you'll erase negative blocks and resistance. The unconscious hardwired emotional responses that pose threat to your dreams. There are structures in place that restricts creation of the subconscious. We disolve these unwanted strutures and replace with new positive tension to create momentum forward towards your ultimate choice.

MY STORY: As a telepathic intuitive child, I became fascinated with how the mind works and why some people seem to live a life of ease where others struggle daily. I've had a lifelong journey into healing, ancient esoteric teachings, scientific journals, quantum physics, energy vibration and how the universe is designed. Now, an authority in the fields of personal empowerment, Intuitive mind training and multidimensional energy, I can help you live a life you never dreamed possible. In order to create real change, you change not only yourself but change throughout the world!

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Tap into your greatest potential

Define your life's purpose  

Create wealth

Develop supernatural immunity health

Live a healthier, happier life​

Feel empowered

Clear the chaos

Create your manifestations into real time!



As we talked and I wept, you assured me that the depths of my physical pain will be met by the height of my joy. I am struck by your sincerity and believe you have rare insight into what a person needs. Thank you for providing such a remarkable service for those of us in need.

Tagra Joan Dent

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