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I bet you can relate to some of these:

Incurable Health Challenges & Disease

Repeated Problems

Changes are only temporary

No control over life

In total crisis

Wanting to make change, but don't know where to start

Needing faster spiritual development

Metaphysics don't work

You've tried everything but nothing seems to work!

Hello and Welcome!

Here you are, you seem to have landed on my page. If your a bit confused about what I do, I can say I have a keen sense of what a person is stuck on or a theme in their life that keeps repeating or even worse, death and sickness. I will reveal to you the metaphysical side of agony. What ever that may be. I mean, lets face it, the world today is in agony. When you feel vibrations, like I do, you learn how to cope with a world full of vibrating patterns. You see, everything has a metaphysical root, an energetic blueprint to it's existence and experience. Your world is driven by quantum waves between you and your future. When you know how to self direct energy and mold your future, you leave it in the hands of fate. What if I could show you how to self direct that future to one you can obtain? It could be a game changer!

We are living in a very chaotic time and the information everywhere can steal your clarity, your health and your mind,,, you may suffer greatly.

I'm here to help you change that. Learn to create your vision, a purpose, a way to make life easier with more passion, abundant enchantment and never-ending curiosity.

Here is where you can find answers to unleash the magick that lives inside all of us.

You'll become aware of your own inherited powerful force that shapes your life. You have abilities to carve your destiny, create awesome health, ensuring that deeper meaning will be fulfilled in your life.

Hopefully you are now aware you were destined for much greater things then what you may be experiencing now. 

Are you a victim with a shattered identity?... has your heart, dreams and joys been lost. Have you lost your purposeful path? If so, this creation can develop numerous challenges both mentally and/or physically.

You can learn to become free of that overwhelming feeling today.

The more you dedicate to this work the more you'll gain strength and that's when the real magic happens! Living a magical life is understanding certain ways of being. Its unfolding, its magnetic, its expansive and its imagining the world as you want it to be.

Life should be fun, powerful and joyful. Creating Magick is that soul spark you have inside that is hidden away and lost from your reality.

Your soul is special.. its what makes us feel whole and it can also make us feel broken. I'll show you how to find perfect balance & harmony. The pure awareness that's missing.

There is now great opportunity to find this power inside of you. This is where magic lives. Its a undeveloped part of you that needs attention. Your deepest desires, wants and wishes want to come alive. You are the only one stopping yourself.

We will shift you out of misery and turn it into life-changing abundance!

I will help you strengthen your power, increase intuition, find your super gifts, understand whats behind the ego shadow, lift the veils of perception which all will advance your ability to create effectively with results! 

HOW I DO IT: I teach people how to use the inner realms or different brain resonances seen through vision and trance. Doing my session work, you are never unaware completely or in deep hypnosis. You stay clear and focused on your intention. We use your own superconsious visual cues and identify structures to heal your body of hurtful patterns as you erase resistance. The unconscious hard wires emotional responses which pose threat to your dreams. We dissolve these unwanted structures and replace with new positive tension to create momentum forward towards your ultimate choice.

MY STORY: As a sensitive telepathic child, I became fascinated with how the mind works and why some people seem to live a life of ease where others struggle daily. I started sensing vibrations, patterns and visions since I can remember. In order to cope, I became obsessed with researching my own phenomenon. I've had a lifelong journey into healing, esoteric teachings, scientific journals, quantum physics, energy vibration and how the universe is designed. Now, an authority in the fields of Shamanic healing, personal empowerment, mind training and multidimensional energy, I can help you live a life you always wanted to dream possible. In order to create real change, you change not only yourself, but throughout the world!

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Alternative Health Therapies: Herbal Crafting, Sound Healing, Vibrational Energy, Aromatherapy, Balneotherapy, Wellness Modalities


Tap into your greatest potential

Heal Energy Imbalances

Develop immunity

Define your life's purpose  

Create wealth

Live a healthier, happier life​

Feel empowered

Clear the chaos

Create your manifestations into real time!



As we talked and I wept, you assured me that the depths of my physical pain will be met by the height of my joy. I am struck by your sincerity and believe you have rare insight into what a person needs. Thank you for providing such a remarkable service for those of us in need.

Tagra Joan Dent

For: Wellness Recovery * Immune Health
Human Performance * Mental Balance

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