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Holistic Healing~ What does it mean?

You'll learn to heal wounds - manifest dreams - Develop Mastery - Become a creator!

!! Coming soon !!.. new and exciting free tools to give you a healing start on your journey!!

1) A Prayer for Healing

2) A Morning Meditation Podcast

Just imagine having the ability to create change with just choice alone!

I Have Simple Healing Techniques That Propel You To The Next Level of Human Mastery!

I bet you can relate to some of these:

Health Challenges or Chronic Degenerative Disease

Unspeakable Fears

Repeated Problems

Overwhelming Chaos

Financial Ruin

Wanting to make change, but don't know where to start

Needing faster spiritual development... feeling stuck!

You're trying everything to move forward but nothing seems to work.

All these and more can be eliminated through the subtle forces that control your life... Yep, that's right.. the little quantum wave energy that sabotages you every time.

I can explain how to stop the sabotage and rock your world using creative meditation (Magick) to clear all doubt, dis-belief and stuck tension that has it out for you. Creative Meditation rekindles enthusiasm, drive and abundance. You can learn how to use these tools in order access the areas that need healing.

Law of attraction 2.0! The Secrets you still don't know.

Hello and Welcome!

Here you are and you may be curious about I do, you may be thinking how can this woman help me?

I am a holistic healer with lifetime years of development. I help people heal whats needed, overcome obstacles, clear chaos, traumas and problems, or take them further on their Metaphysical journey, whatever that may look like. I also work in the deeper levels of Metaphysics in spirit attachment and demon removal. FYI... Many demons are embedded thought structures and not some made up tale about a big ol' devil monster. Now ghost and the un-dead are a different story!!

I also work with superfoods, herbs and natural elements in physical healing. Ask about my herbal support and for Spa Therapy go to

Now to continue on... as we work together the subtle layers of the subconscious revels unconscious patterns, structures, doubts and dis-beliefs. So why do you need to know this? Because, if you dont have control of your unconscious patterns, you can never master the human vessel.!!

Here's a juicy tid bit... I'll then teach you how to take back your power, that all encompassing power that is missing from your life. This simple easy process heals wholes, splits and the negative functioning structures. You see... I give you the tools to make this happen.

Do you want to know the difference between success, abundance, love and health from fear, shame, guilt and rage, besides the fact that they are opposites?

You can start creating the life you always knew you should have. I have a keen sense of what a person needs, is stuck on or a theme in their life that keeps repeating itself. Patterns that have negative impact. I will reveal to you the metaphysical side of your agony. The reason your life never seems to work the way you want it too. I mean, lets face it, the world today is in agony.

Learn ancient secrets and the power behind them.

Everything has a metaphysical root, an energetic blueprint, a pattern that holds it in place. From ancient civilizations these structures are called eggregores. They take on a life of their own through belief of its existence, emotional tension and experiences. These experiences get stored as crystals in your DNA through trauma or exhilaration. All these experiences come into play when your living out your life. Your reality is driven by quantum waves and you can shape them between you and your future. You now become the driver of your life which takes it out of the hands of universal fate, never ending hope and even worse... brainwashing you to believe you are powerless.

I can show you how to self direct a future of your liking and one you can obtain. The one that makes you feel powerful... It's a game changer!

Your soul is special.. Its time to know your true powerful self.

I'll help you clear all the unwanted garbage you've collected through your DNA history! Whew!!! that can be a doozy, but well worth the trip! This will lift the veils of perception and advance your ability to create effectively with results! 

MY STORY: As a sensitive telepathic child, I went through the gambit of a crazy family that you had to love no matter what! None of them "believed" of other realities. I guess its right that you end up where your needed most...good or bad. I became fascinated with how the mind works, since I didn't know why I felt so different and I certainly couldn't talk about it... then the movie One Flew Over the Coo Coo's Nest. It just solidified what my parents said that its all just imagination and you could end up in a loony bin. I easily started sensing vibrations, structures and visions since early childhood. In order to cope, I became obsessed with researching my own phenomenon. I've had a lifelong journey into healing, metaphysical teachings, combing through scientific journals, dabbling in quantum physics, energy, vibration and how the universe is designed. Now, continually learning in the fields of Shamanism, psionics, healing and multidimensional energy. I can help you live a life you always wanted to dream possible. In order to create real change, you change not only yourself, but throughout the world!
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Take a peek into me speaking about consciousness, healing and creating!


Tap into your greatest potential

Heal Energy Imbalances

Develop health & immunity

Define your life's purpose  

Create wealth

Live a life full of beauty​

Feel empowered

Clear the chaos

Create your manifestations into real time!



As we talked and I wept, you assured me that the depths of my physical pain will be met by the height of my joy. I am struck by your sincerity and believe you have rare insight into what a person needs. Thank you for providing such a remarkable service for those of us in need.

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