Debbie Pico

Founder Araxie Apothecary Healing Spa

Oracles, Runes, Earth Magick
Find your personal power by assimilating deep roots of ancient wisdom.

What Resources and Methods Does Debbie Use?

Without our roots, without the dark places that we fear to go, we cannot live fully on this earth.  This ancient Shaman lesson teaches us that the low vibrational dense energy of the earth is what we need in this time of imbalance. The Tree of lIfe is the embodiment of both the light and dark essences of the self.  The roots give you strength, stability and grounded presence.   This balance brings you the ability to create your realty.  As you learn this balance of dark & light your personal power returns, balance returns, wholeness returns.  By returning broken soul fragments caused from emotional and karmic imprints, your body can start to experience wholeness.  This truth energizes your creational flow, manifestations, wisdom, joy, belief, health and freedom.

Ancient wisdom provides much needed anchoring in the mind for the enlightenment of intensely guarded secrets of creation. 

The embodiment of raw forces gives you an understanding of how energy works in the body.  These forces are neither good or bad.  They are the raw emotions that have a way of showing themselves over and over again in your life.  When you accept, forgive, understand and work with these lower vibrations, they become your ally instead of your foe.   This teaching is timeless, universal and now very relevant.   I can help you transform this energy by using your inner power.


Are you craving answers to your deepest questions?

Do you want something different for yourself and your life?

Are you feeling frustration

Is there an underlying urge to give up and run away

Are your emotions on a teeter totter that has control over you

Do you feel the dynamic energy around you

You know you have some sort of power inside that needs to be seen, heard and followed

 I combine years of meditation experience, psychic atunement, metaphysical research and whole body healing resources to provide you with a detailed report to holistically approach each client’s challenges. Using my medicinal spa background including massagUsing principles of discovery, reform, repair and rebuild, I'll write out an emailed report.  Your report will give you a fresh look into areas of restriction, blockage and underlying energy forces.  Addressing these disruptive energy loops you'll benefit from the release of emotional disruption that happens in your etheric field. The darker raw forces I speak about, can wreak havoc on the health, your energy and your manifestations.  It shapes the very reality you witness daily. 

My job is to make you feel comfortable about the process.  I can help you discover the benefits of living spiritually grounded and gain strategies to remove the root cause of non-wellness and debunked manifestations. Many issues cannot be resolved through conventional means and you must address etheric issues.  These can dictate your life for many lifetimes.

My background includes the study and implementation of the ancient history of alchemy, earth magick, etheric modalities, spa medicine, herbal traditions and tonic medicine.  I work with energy in order to receive information from your highest source.  

When you choose to work with me or receive an Oracle Reading, you'll receive a comprehensive reading on the energies that are effecting you now, how to work with these frequencies, and to gain understanding of the emotions attached to these energies.  Don't let the chaotic emotions of life overwhelm you and halt you from living.  

Gain all the benefits of creational flow... Create the new you! 


As we talked and I wept, you assured me that the depths of my physical pain will be met by the height of my joy. I am struck by your sincerity and believe you have rare insight into what a person needs. Thank you for providing such a remarkable service for those of us in need.

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