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What Resources and Methods Does Debbie Use?

Hello and welcome..

When people ask me what it is I do, I can best describe it as a weaving of energy science, shamanism and subtle telepathy.  I have a keen sense of the energy.  I can detect disruptions in your energy field.  Your energy centers emit frequencies I attune to and notice either fluidity or constriction.  I  have also extensively studied ancient symbolism, shamanism, metaphysical knowledge and physical healing.  When you heal energetic aspects of yourself, you in turn heal aspects of the whole.  If the whole is healed then balance is achieved.  

 Now more then ever our shadow side needs attending to.  It is our roots, our dark places that we sometimes fear to go.  Within each of your desires there is an essence of movement.  This movement can be blocked by our weaknesses.  These emotional blocks can be healed so you can use them as its full transformation.  This ancient Shaman lessons teaches us that we are living in a time of great imbalance.  We need the roots that ground us.  Our roots that give us strength, stability and grounded presence.   Without it, your manifestations, your dreams and your desires will be mediocre at best.  By returning or rewiring broken soul fragments caused by emotional and karmic imprints, your body can experience wholeness.  This truth energizes your creational flow, manifestations, wisdom, joy, belief, health and freedom.

Ancient wisdom provides much needed anchoring for the enlightenment of creation. 

When you accept, forgive, understand and work with these vibrations, they become your ally instead of your foe.  

This teaching is timeless, universal and now very relevant.   I can help you transform this energy by using your own inner power.


Are you craving answers to your deepest questions?

Do you want something different for yourself and your life?

Are you feeling frustration

Is there an underlying urge to give up or run away

Are your emotions on a teeter totter that has control over you

Do you feel dynamic energy around you

You know you have some sort of power inside that needs to be seen, heard and followed

I combine years of meditation experience, psychic atunement, metaphysical research and whole body energy healing resources to provide you with a detailed report to holistically approach each of my client’s needs.

Your report will give you a fresh look into areas of restriction, blockage and underlying energy forces. 

My job is to make you feel comfortable about the process.  I can help you discover the benefits of living spiritually grounded and gain strategies to remove the root cause of non-wellness and debunked manifestations. This will change your life.... I guarantee it!!  

Gain all the benefits of creational flow... Create the new you and manifest your dreams! 


As we talked and I wept, you assured me that the depths of my physical pain will be met by the height of my joy. I am struck by your sincerity and believe you have rare insight into what a person needs. Thank you for providing such a remarkable service for those of us in need.

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