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Hours of Operation

Im available by email.  It is my preferred way to communicate.

If you are a mini reading use the box below and let me know your 2 questions. I will send you a Paypal payment link. Remember it is a mini reading so I wont go into huge details. Keep it short and simple. Less then 1 page. Its easier for your brain to process. When I get the payment I will send you the reading. If your interested in the Psychic Liaison Sessions, Immune Health Antidote or Frequency Healing services we will set up a time to have a video or telephone session after we make initial contact.  New Information will be available soon on additional web pages.

If your needing information on Cha Ka Ta Wisdom Women, I will send you the details and we'll proceed from there.  It is an advanced energy group, but our initial contact will be mixed from beginner- advanced and the beginners will proceed with an additional teacher.

I  work at Araxie on Tues, Wed & Friday 

Araxie Hours....

Tuesday-Saturday 10am - last appointment scheduled

Sunday & Monday open for workshops or special events.