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Hours of Operation

Right now, as my site becomes more user friendly, Im available by email. I start all my sessions or treatments this way. With special circumstance I will travel. I will get back to you promptly as I beilieve custormer service is missing in our world today. I work very little on weekends, so patience is appreciated.

If you would like any of my services use the box below and let me know what is your main question, concern and what you'd like out of your session.

I will send you a Paypal, Zelle or a payment link. Then I will send you a few short and simple questions that will let me get to know you before we start. When I get the payment I will need a picture of yourself for your oracle or healing.

We can easily set up an appointment for a zoom meeting, telephone session, or email correspondence.. (I prefer email as when writing you channel more of your heartspace). New website Information will be available soon.

I am develping a 3 tier payment system. What you can expect:

The 1st Tier would consist of these or sessions simular: Oracle readings, Business Oracle, Dragon Healings, Rune Healing and Divine Blueprint. $250

2nd Tier: This level you will recieve 1 month of distant healing, readings and transformation tools: Ex... Trance Mediation Healing, Power Retrieval, Manifestation Mastery (controling uncontrolable thoughts). $900

3rd Tier: This level will bring to you 4 months of Healing sessions, Concious Creation, Co-Creation, Removing eneties and darker elements of attachment, Disease Transformation $3500

If your needing information for groups of any size, I will send out information depending on size of group and desired outcome.

I will be available for workshops or retreats, teaching how to instantly transform sabotaging subconscious belief structures which when transformed the secrets to abundance, joy and purpose are yours.