I was born with a keen sense of insight, extreme sensitivities and a passion for a good adventure.  As an empathic child I faced many challenges, both physically and mentally.  I have a crazy special connection with natural rhythms and when they are broken or disrupted it reeks havoc with our wholeness, our health and our natural balance.   Im here to teach you there is a better way.  A way that has been suppressed for hundreds of years.  With ground breaking technology and historical advancements we can begin to really listen to what our bodies are telling us.  With practice you can understand the correspondence between health and happiness.  Im here to share these grounding, healing practices with all who wish to learn. 


“We are not lacking in the dynamic forces needed to create the future. We live immersed in a sea of energy beyond all comprehension. But this energy, in an ultimate sense, is ours not by domination but by invocation.” (Thomas Berry, “The Dynamics of the Future,” in The Great Work, 175).

Sensing vibrations has been a part of me since I can remember.  I saw things most people didn’t see, I felt things most people didn’t feel.  It took me years to completely understand my sensitivities and empathic nature.

As my health started to elude me I trained to refine and strengthen my mind, expand and develop new forms of natural therapy, learn multiple aspects of plants, natural rhythms, sounds and vibrations.  I now love all the eccentrics of who I am and forge forward to new exciting levels of healing.  Here, on my site,  you find my passion.  My relentless pursuit of health and how to obtain it.  I dove deeply into alternative paths knowing someday I would find that person, or product, or system of complete health.  One that was obtainable in and in congruence with our natural system.  Feeling good comes from wholeness.  Inside from the microcosm to outside in the macrocosm.  There will always be burdens to bear, but when you have a balanced health and a centered approach to life, life becomes easier, simpler and much more exciting!

As I create the life I am here to live, I work to help others embrace the challenges and complexities of this existence with ease and hopefully contentment!

My Natural Born Abilities Include

  • Claircognizance: The ability to “know” something without outside stimulus or verification.  It comes as words, feelings or metaphor ideas.  The feeling comes from the heart as “to know in your heart”.
  • Empathic Intuition or Clairsentience: Empathic Intuition is felt in the solar plexus. These feelings come from the vibrations of sharing energetic space with someone or something. I can gain access to information that is usually hidden, ignored or unaware by the individual.
  • Clarivoyance: Clairvoyance is communication through pictures. Visions and animal communication are some abilities the clairvoyant posses.  Dreaming is a wonderful way to look at your vision work.

Education, Self Study, Passion, & Workshops

  • Aromatic Medicine…French Style Essential Oil Training.
  • Tonic Herbalism & Herbal Medicine Making… Creating health through tonics is essential part of me.
  • Aromatherapy Education & Raindrop Specialist…Essential Oil & Plant Therapy will be a life long journey for me.
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy…The amazing work created by Dolores Cannon.
  • Sound Tuning…Everything in the Universe is composed of vibration at different Hz, including disease.
  • Remote viewing & Influencing…Deep meditative theta & delta mind control.
  • Theta healing…DNA reprogramming for physical and emotional healing.
  • Holodynamics…My first understanding of a Holographic Universe and how it works
  • Magick Initiation…Initiation into earth symbols and activation.
  • Mediumship & Psychic Schooling…Perfecting my vision enabling me to “see” through the chaos of my empathic abilities.
  • Balneotherapy…Spa Therapy using salts, muds, clays and water.
  • Massage and Physiology… I use extensively in my practice
  • Equine Therapy Massage…The magical animal kingdom can heal us as much as we heal them.
  • EFT… Here I learned the meridian flow of electrical currents and changing patterns of dysfunctional energy

Other Stuff

  • Business Owner…Being the business owner of several businesses I have learned communication and financial organization.
  • Restaurant Management and Banquet Coordinator… Coordination, problem solving and the ability to be pro-active and creative in events when they exist.
  • Spa Research & Education…I worked in the Spa Industry for 15+ years which was the gateway to explore my healing abilities.
  • Cosmetology and Beauty…Understanding that we all love to be beautiful in our own way. To accept ourselves for who we are…regardless of old thought patterns.