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Wellness Consultation

Personalized Program!

After an extensive consultation we’ll begin assessing areas of concern in order to find new remedies, protocols and routines for the creation of balance in your life.  I will guide to optimize and enhance the mind body connection with simple and effective wellness techniques.  Learn how to trust your instincts in choosing foods, tonic remedies and your awareness practice.  Activating your self curative abilities with confidence benefits many aspects of your life.  You can relieve stress and focus on longevity as you get stronger and trust your expanding knowledge of adaptogenic tonic herbs and wellness.


Custom AromaTherapy Blend

Holistic love at its finest!

A customized active blend of therapeutic essential oils, flower essences and infusions will be created for a specific issues or request. This can easily be done through email or in my office.

I use only the finest oils featuring wildcrafted conifers from Iceland.  The best intensions and ethical management is extremely important!

Now Available:  Icelandic Conifer Essential Oil singles and 3 blends: Deep Calm, Pain Away & Strengthening!


Aroma & Sound Therapy

An amazing relaxant to eliminate stress!

Sound Therapy is profound in its application of therapeutic resonance.  Resonance occurs when frequencies enter into the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a complete state of harmony.  Adding aromatherapy brings the service to another level of holistic healing.  Wellness is achieved by activating self healing through the vibrations and intensions of the sound wave.



Intuitive Readings & Psychic Counseling

Reveal the answers!

Take your life experience to a new level!  As an empathic intuitive Debbie approaches each client with a perspective of healing on multiple levels.  You may need to release pain, get focused, understand a challenge or regain lost memories.  When you recognize negative influence and its pattern, this awareness shifts the resonance which brings an amazing amount of relaxation and rejuvenation within the body.  These emotional vibrations are our lessons, our life paths, and the intimate workings of the subconscious.

My readings are mainly addressed through email.   Writing is a natural way to contact the subconscious without consciously knowing it.  This method best utilizes who I am and what it is I actually do.  I offer 1 time readings or a package of 4… every 3 months for a year.

Fill out an mini-consultation and well go from there!



Quantum Healing Hypnosis

A Quantum Hypnosis Session is for those who want to explore the structures of the mind in order to maybe heal certain aspects or balance the body energetically or physically.  This level of mind connects energy patterns or fractal codes connecting to the physical body which replicates our thought patterns either aware or unaware consciously.  This hypnotic progression work is designed to access deep states of awareness.  Our life, health, relationships, work, feelings and fulfillment are 90% dependent on our emotional evolution in our subconscious.  Happiness is dependent on vibrational balance and dysfunction reveals signs of itself through disease and depression.  This access into mind consciousness reveals answers that can stay hidden for lifetimes.  Completely private and confidential this experience can have profound outcomes in only one session.  Each sessions a pleasant experience along with much needed emotional release.

All questions are answered through your subconscious, not me!  Im here to facilitate the process.



Workshops & Private Sessions

Inquire About:

Tonic Crafting

Trance Meditation

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

  Herbal & Bathing Retreats


Pop-Up Tonic Bar

Amazing health benefits!

Host a Tonic Bar with Health Elixirs or Mocktails for your gathering, workshop or retreat!  Learn Adaptogen healing properties of amazing superfoods and herbs.




Our precious wild  Berry Powders are 100% whole raw vital food. These beautiful berries come from the Borel forest of Finland basking under the midnight sun for 3 months a year. We take special care and don’t squeeze out any natural juices with the exception of Sea Buckthorn for the reason of its higher fat content.  Nothings is added to the final powder – No additives, preservatives, sweeteners etc. Food safety is monitored through laboratory tests. We work closely with our manufacturer and pride ourselves for the high quality production process.

About Debbie

My name is Debbie Pico. My passion for truth is essential in my life. I realized early on that that real truth was hidden from us and stepping into my own power gave me a wealth of awareness. An alchemist at heart, I began searching for ancient, historical, scientific evidence that health can not only be obtained, but our bodies can heal given and given the chance to thrive. Here on my site you’ll find an accumulation of my 20+ years experience active in healing traditions. From spa medicine to tonic herbalism and esoteric studies, I always carry with me the deepest desire to understand the mind body spirit connection. Through personal experience and the many years of research, training, and education, I became proficient in alternative therapies, the workings of natural laws and the powers of holistic treatments. Im able to bring a new form of therapy practiced and worshipped from historical techniques, herbal medicinals, scientific proof, tonics, mind mastery and self wellness techniques..

The workings of nature-centered healing has been practiced for as long as know history. This is a foundation we work from as your body begins to remember health and how to obtain it. This is blended with new cutting edge health protocols that is truly mind body spiritual wholeness.

My services are offered for total health restoration, optimization and unbridled spiritual and emotional health as well as a learning how to comprehend the invisible fields of our electrical system. Acknowledgement of holographic healing enables us to incorporate and fine tune our systems. When we learn how to get our minds in congruence with this energy, our lives become simpler, we experience increased happiness and life’s more engaging.

Together we can create enhanced well being as we begin living closer with nature thus all of creation.

Client Testimonials

It is with my highest intention to help others find the trust and knowledge in their own

Health, Healing and Self Power

I take pride in offering professional, discreet, and comprehensive services for diverse needs.  The information obtained here is not intended for the replacement of a Physicians medical advice.  Some services will be directly supervised by a Medical Professional.