Radical Health Advanced Program

Radical Health Advanced Program



Your on your way to changing your life?  If you want something more and desire the ultimate chance to become healthier then this is your program.  It involves committing to spa therapy which encompass your choice of massage, facials, reflexology, baths (either full or foot), sound therapies, infrared light, sauna and so much more!  You will learn to regulate your own progress and become aware of a non balanced states. When you invest in your health you make a conscious commitment of courage to overcome, learn and evolve.

Here you gain courage, balance, guidance, starter products, education and the momentum needed to achieve your goals.  This program looks very different for different people, but the main outcome will always be renewed health.  Our goals are extending wellness for optimal performance of your human body.    Product and program charges vary with degrees of non-wellness.  Starter products included.