The Psychic Liaison

What can a Psychic Liasion do for you?:

Help you recognize your inherited gift

Connect you to your highest potential

Unleash the power of passion and purpose.

Access to the newest technological breakthroughs

Overcome resistance

When you hire me and my Psychic Liasion services you can hire for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or 1 month.... You get the picture. Each case is a differnt breed but we approach with the ability to find root issues.  

Psychic Liaison Council Charges

*1 Hour Psychic Reading:

written email included $170

*Weekly sessions includes vibrational recoding with emailed psychic reading and weekly routine outline.

*Weekly service is 30 min readings or recoding = $176 contact 2xs a week for 1 week

*Monthly service = $880 average contact 2xs + a week for 4 weeks (customization available)

I am available for travel for a closer inperson look at details.

The world we now live in poses challenges, and as new systems are put in place, I can help you addapt to changing dynamics. Its the strutual dynamics of a system that controls what goes on in your world. As you start to incorporate new experiences, new ideas and new protocols you are faced with conflicts that present themselves. This is where having additional sessions from me can be incredibly useful!  Having an intuitive in your back pocket can propel you into areas of fast progression... a great verification of decisions that need to be made.  It helps clear the fields and enegizes the focused intent.

You can start here with a  free mini consult  right now.  

Or you can go into The Intuitive Masterclass.

Mini Consultations are free for this now moment, so go fill in your information in our contact form and I will be in touch asap!!

How to transform your life...

Enrich your life on all levels... are you in?

From my early days of a psychic child till now, I knew there was a higher purpose for me in ways I never understood growing up.  I am now part of the great evolution of new understanding.   The understanding of etheric fields of structure, wave generation, DNA, holographic patterning, fractal universe and so much more.  What does it all mean for you?  Greater insight into your incredible, intuitive and powerful self. 

 Psychic Liaison 1hr Reading

Individual Insight, Greater Intuition identification, and Recognising Obstacles... ( EX: Deserve-ability, Self Pity, Guilt, Fear, Anger etc...)

 Im Ready

Psychic Liasion Counsel

Psychic Counsel sessions for Business Empowerment Evaluations, Decision Making, Major Life Changes, Rejuvenating Immune Health, Fitness, Family Dynamics or Individual Mastery when nothing else seems to work!

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