Oracle Reading

With the Oracle Reading you can:

Connect to your fullest potential and become unstoppable

Create the future you want

Unleash the power that lives inside you by embracing the truth of the soul

Harness your true authority

Overcome resistance & stress

Learn how to use shaman magick, your souls most potent medicine

The Oracle Reading will assist you in your ascension process or it can ease coping mechanisms that coincide with the world right now.  In order to effect healing or change the direction of your life, you must open new pathways to the subconscious so it transmits beneficial and positive data to the conscious mind. 

This private session with me provides important information, incites and answers to the chaos that is now happening on earth and around you. We cannot control chaos, but we can journey to the root of matter and receive answers that are holding us back from executing our biggest dreams.  We start with your desires and look for patterns and attachments that may be sabotaging your momentum. 

Sometimes my readings can be difficult or possibly uncomfortable to hear.  All healing puts us in a place of vunerability, without it, you will continue to run the same time space loop patterns that hold it in place. This challenges you to examine ideas that have not been considered before. 

I work with ancient energy symbols and signatures that identify guardians who are here to help you ascend through chaos.  Shamanism techniques and trance meditation will assist your healing.  As you learn these vibrations your allowing them to teach you and take you to new levels of existence, prosperity and freedom.

The Trinity of healing:

Physical Wellness ~ Spiritual Healing ~ Mental Balance

My belief is that God is the name of the all-encompassing mind in its three creative aspects

Mind ~ Idea ~ Expression

Father, Son, Holy Spirit

How to transform your life...

What can Oracle Reading do for you?

Enrich your life on all levels... Are you in?

From my early days of being a very psychic child, till now, Ive been waiting until the timing was right!  I am so excited to be poised as part of the revolution of new understanding.   The understanding of the etheric field, what it means and how to feel and experience its energy.  The Oracle Readings are not simple psychic energy readings, but access to new paths. They access deep roots of creational flow. 

Find the energy that stands in the way of your health, happiness manifestations and successful entrepreneurship.

Our end goals are always the same...Healing the wounds that we carry deep within our hearts.

Self Mastery Oracle Reading

Individual Insight, Healing, Learning Intuition, and Removing Obstacles (EX: Deservability, Self Pity, Guilt, Fear, Anger)

 Im Ready

Health Through Healing

A month long mentoring session for Renewed Health, Emotional Rejuvenation and Individual Mastery when nothing else seems to work!

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