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From my early days of a psychic child till now, I knew there was a higher purpose for me in ways I never understood growing up.  I am now part of the great evolution of new understanding.   The understanding of etheric fields of structure, wave generation, DNA, holographic patterning, fractal universe and so much more.  What does it all mean for you?  Greater insight into your incredible, intuitive and powerful self. 

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Individual Insight, Greater Intuition identification, and Recognising Obstacles... ( EX: Deserve-ability, Self Pity, Guilt, Fear, Anger etc...)

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Psychic Liasion Counsel

Psychic Counsel sessions for Business Empowerment Evaluations, Decision Making, Major Life Changes, Rejuvenating Immune Health, Fitness, Family Dynamics or Individual Mastery when nothing else seems to work!

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Advancing Human Consciousness

Showing Entrepreneurs, Executives, Athletes and Ascension Seekers how to become powerful creators, overcome limitations and optimize their ability to easily manifest all their desires.

WHAT I DO: I teach you how to manage change and challenge more effectively, increase personal resilience, achieve peak performance, manifest abundance and life-changing success. I deliver highly effective skilled coaching with a wide range of clients’ setbacks including transitions, slumps, road blocks, health issues and personal tragedies.
HOW I DO IT: Everyone needs a coach... regardless of what your doing in life: A new fresh perspective always gives you just what you need with precision timing. I'll teach you how to use structure, resistance and tension to influence our ability to be personally effective, professionally productive and live a life of abundance, joy and creative choice.
MY STORY:. I believe nobody needs to be fixed—I spent a good portion of my life trying to fix myself! When you enter the field of conscious creation, we excel forward into our dream life instead of being pulled back into so-called security. As a recognized authority in the fields of personal transformation, mind training, intuitive confidence and subconscious mastery, you too can live a life you never dreamt possible.