Evolution Group Package

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Groups can be a powerful place for learning and group teaching.  Everyone in the group has a place in the dynamic creation of what needs to be learned. Each group is different.  I will lead you into co creation and dis mantling of energetic structures that keep you safe, but stops you in the face of opportunity.  You'll learn how to remove resistance and "whys" in your life.  This is a group that meets for 1hr on a weekly basis.  Each month we will have a new group and an advanced group.  Get started today!

Evolution Personal Package

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The Evolution Personal Package will set you apart from all others. Learn how to create the life you love, find your true passion, recode negative structures instantly and achieve purpose while you become the predominate creative force in your life. Be free of sabotaging structures by become intuitively connected to the superconscious.  Learn to manifest with your own unique gifts of magick.  This gives you control over the outcomes in your life and the lives that surround you.