Introducing our flagship product… The Nordic Wild Berry.  These precious arctic wild berries grow up in the nordic forests of Finland in the most ideal circumstances. Maturing under the endless midnight sun for 3 months a year they pack in natures goodness as bioactive compounds reach their peak.  They are then handpicked and dried in very low heat to preserve all the superfood goodness.  As a result of the harsh conditions, the chemical composition has considerably higher amounts of phytochemicals, such as flavonoids, polyphenols and anthocyanins. This is truly natures finest healing foods!

Finland has the worlds largest non-agricultural organic land area where our wild berries truly thrive, making our berry powders truly one of a kind. 

Berry Powders are 100% whole raw vital food.  Nothing is added to the final powder.  Food safety is monitored through laboratory tests.  We work closely with our manufacturer and pride ourselves for the high quality production process.

100% Nordic Berry Powder
100 g of powder is equivalent to approximately 1000g of raw berries.

Wild Berries have great potential for Memory and Cognition

During recent studies a group of plant-derived compounds known as flavonoids show a particularly powerful actions on human cognition and may help reverse age-related declines in memory, learning and neurological disease. Evidence suggests that foods rich in the flavanols, anthocyanins and/or flavanones, have a unique ability to cross the Blood Brain Barrier and possess the greatest potential to act on the cognitive processes. According to a Harvard cognitive research study performed on 16,010 participants. Long term berry and flavonoid intake appears to delay cognitive aging by up to 2.5 years.

Clinical studies indicate that eating berries on a regular basis helps fight cancer, aging, inflammation, diabetes and bacterial infections. In addition, these compounds fight Crohn’s disease, inhibit HIV, reduce uncomfortable symptoms of PMS and fight herpes. Information curtesy of