Wellness Consultation

The wellness consultation is an extensive look at your health through physical, emotional and a spiritual overview.   We look at strengths and weaknesses in order to bring balance into your life and daily routines.  You will receive a detailed report of your energetics along with suggestions and recommendations on where to start, what to incorporate and how to make minor changes that will have major impact.

We live in the dueling poles of Yin/Yang, so it makes sense to balance out these polarities.

$150 Consult

(includes 1 month of unlimited emails for questions, concerns or communications)

Intuitive Psychic Reading

Take your life experience to a whole new level! As an empathic intuitive Debbie approaches each client with an open perspective for healing on multiple levels.  Energetic impulses can reveal the blueprint of your current life’s purpose, deep underling emotional blocks and past life patterns that are effecting you now. Your appointment will give you an insightful and unobstructed look at who you are and how to catalyze change for greater fulfillment, restoration and evolutionary new levels.

1-2 hrs.  $75 for 1st hour or initial email reading; followed by $15 per 20 min.

Sound Therapy

Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health.   High frequency sounds activate the brain which is helpful in functions such as thinking, spatial perception, concentration and memory.  Sound therapy can literally touch and entrain all systems of the body. Adding the addition of tuning forks to any treatment will instantaneously alter your body’s biochemistry.  In seconds … your body enters a deep state of relaxation.

30 min $45 & 60 min $75

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Using principles of Quantum Hypnosis & Past Life Reprogramming we explore the structures of the mind and body for amazing healing benefits and balance.  With the help of guided imagery we change brain wave cycles activating the hippocampus gland and through bioelectrical stimuli we uncover why our physical bodies and minds are holding deficient patterns, disease and mental confusion.  We are often able to access the source of healing and balance is obtained.  Completely private and confidential this experience can have profound outcomes in only one session.

The first initial session has an extensive consultation, so plan on 2.5 -3 hrs.  Any additional services are usually 1-2 hrs. 

$170 & $145

 Aroma Infrared Infusion Treatment

This service will start with infrared therapy and anointing of oils.  Added are warm moist towels alone with specific body holds activating meridian pressure points. This service will gently take you to a relaxing, rejuvenating place providing calming stress-reducing actions.  This treatment benefit can create an oxygenating rich environment that makes it difficult for cancer cells to survive, and keep diseases at bay.

60 min $75

Raindrop Treatment

This amazing, deeply beneficial, relaxing therapy creates healing and cleansing through out the whole body including skeletal, structural and electrical alignment.  Hailed as truly holistic as well as immune modulating, and benefits to numerous systems of the body. A light touch which includes reflexology, spinal manipulation and warm heat to bring about relaxation and bliss.  Sound may be added to this service for even deeper healing.

40 min $65 & 60 min $80